ANSYS User Club eV (AUC)

Founded in 1987, AUC is aimed at supporting the German ANSYS users community in order to increase the value they get from simulations. AUC members have the opportunity to contribute to ANSYS’ software development through established communication channels between the AUC, CADFEM and ANSYS.

The annual AUC Workshop provides a platform to learn about the latest software updates, and about industrial and academic applications. The round table discussions during the AUC Workshop are a valuable expert-to-expert communication forum, in which AUC members can often find good solutions for their applications from other experts.

As a recognition of its value, AUC has recently become an ANSYS Enhanced Solution Partner and is being invited to the European ANSYS Advisory Council Meetings. These platforms enable a direct contribution of the AUC to ANSYS’ product development process.

Performance of the AUC e.V.

The ANSYS User Club eV (called AUC) was founded in 1987. Through the support of CADFEM valuable contributions to the development were given to ANSYS. In recent times, ANSYS Germany works also directly with the AUC.

The AUC is an ANSYS Enhanced Solution Partner. Furthermore, the AUC is a member of the European ANSYS Advisory Council. Through the European ANSYS Advisory Council, AUC members can contribute to strategic product developments.

Membership in the AUC includes:

Reduced conference fee for all AUC events (50 % of the annual fee for personal members, with a maximum of 2 events per year) Reduced registration fee at CADFEM seminars (10 %)

Reduced prices for literature like books written by CADFEM employees (10 %) ordered through CADFEM

Access to the members area of the AUC website Database access for all members and their applications (does not apply to retired members and students) Contact to CADFEM and ANSYS or the members with regarding questions and problems


Currently, there is one AUC event per year. The sessions in this event consist of a visit of a company or entity that is related to the application of engineering simulation methods, and a 1.5 day seminar.

The seminar usually starts with keynote talks on specific topics. These are then discussed, suggestions and user requirements are compiled, and discussed with CADFEM and ANSYS so that they can be incorporated into development plans. The AUC is monitoring these developments and the results are provided to members via the AUC Website. Furthermore, these demands are discussed at the ANSYS Advisory Council with ANSYS employees and then put in the development priority list of the ANSYS products.

The price for participation of this event is determined by the hotel price, since this is included in the fee. For students a flat rate of 50 € applies if a hotel room is needed, otherwise the event is free for students.

The next meeting will take place on 20 and 21 March 2014 in Regensburg. Details will be announced in due time. We are looking forward to welcoming you there.


The most important sections of the AUC website are "News" in the "AUC e. V." and "Special Topics" under "User Information". References are made to current issues ("New"). These are then described in more detail about documents such as presentations or descriptions. In "User Information" actual issues are summarized.

Members of the AUC have the ability to present their achievements in the section “Services”. An annual fee of 70 € will be charged for this

All pages will be extended and updated by new presentations and additional information of the website.

Member pages of the AUC website are divided into the following sections:

Actual AUC e. V.

In “Actual AUC e.V.” minutes of the board meetings, the invitation to the next AUC events, and results of the implementation of the developments of user requirements, plans and outlook on further activities of the AUC are summarized.

User Information

This section contains the user information as presentations of events. Information about new versions of ANSYS products are also part of these pages. Furthermore, contributions from members are compiled here, and news from ANSYS and CADFEM as well as other activities of the AUC (application notes) are compiled.

Version-independent presentations and documents are subjects in thematic sections: Structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, magnetic and electric fields and acoustics. Since the individual subject physics are increasingly coupled a section "Multiphysics simulation and system" has been inserted.

The section “User Reports” contains documents that describe projects and simulations provided by users.


This page is reserved for ANSYS users. They can present their requirements to ANSYS. These will be forwarded to the AUC Executive Board and discussed with CADFEM and ANSYS. Possible workarounds are also documented here. Users can forward their requirements and ask questions that can be forwarded to other members. Responses and results are also provided here.


This section contains macros, procedures and input data on various topics related to the application of ANSYS products, continues to free software products related ANSYS software, and links to the downloads.

Software Partners of ANSYS

ANSYS has a partnership with several software companies that can link their data with ANSYS. Furthermore there are a number of products which can link to ANSYS products. These are listed in this section.


References about ANSYS applications are compiled on this page. References about the theory of finite element and finite volume methods, etc. are included. This list is regularly updated.


This page contains links to various topics for ANSYS applications.

Other topics of the members area are events, jobs, picture gallery and "curiosities".

The chapter FORUM contains the members with their main applications. There is a possibility to topics to search and contact the specialist.

The links to various ANSYS-Forums are listed here and a possibility to contact the AUC.

Contact CADFEM and ANSYS or members.

Questions and problems will be handled in collaboration with CADFEM, ANSYS or other members.